Thanks for your efforts in restoring the Warner Monroe Water Garden

We at Warner Pacific College would like to extend our gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your efforts in restoring the Warner Monroe Water Garden.  The garden, created by Dr. Monroe while he was a member of the faculty here at Warner Pacific, was a beautiful, tranquil place where members of our community could rest, pray, and enjoy the native plantings.  Your restorative work, which respects the original intent of the garden, has recreated a place that all members of the College community can enjoy for years to come.

   We would also like to thank you for the generosity you have demonstrated by providing your company's services for the project's electrical needs.  Your willingness to coordinate the work, provide the necessary knowledge to perform the work, and complete the permitting work with the City of Portland is greatly appreciated.

   Thank you very much for all your work on the Warner Monroe Garden restoration Project at Warner Pacific College.  May God continue to bless your work to further His kingdom.

 In His Service,

- Dr. Andrea P. Cook, President and Steven P. Stenberg, Interim Vice President of Operations
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