Thumbs way UP! 

I am so pleased to write this review and do so with a smile on my face as I recall the outstanding service I received from this company. From the moment I phoned Haskin Electric I felt important to them and confident in their ability to perform the electrical services required. Haskin's owner sent Mike; an electrician he employs, describing him as "The best man I have". After calling Mike back on three seperate occasions, for various installs and repairs, I have become a believer! Mike lived up to his employer's praise with fast, professional service and did it all with a sincere warmth, refreshing humor and great attitude. I am so impressed with this company for having the good sense to hire such a gem. I highly recommend Haskins and further recommend that you ask for Mike when you call. I will never use another electrician as long as Mike is available. Thank you Haskins for fine, reliable, professional service at a very reasonable cost. Thumbs way UP!

- Anzy Faubion
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